My name is Andrew Brown and I am avid faceter and keen fossicker from Tasmania (Australia), I have grown to enjoy designing new cuts as much as I do finding gems and faceting them. My designing was initially motivated by the lack of performance from many freely available designs. I put all my designs through multiple revisions, where I try to balance brilliance, scintillation and aesthetic appeal. Where possible, I try to make my designs easy to cut, and since they perform well, they largely work in a broader range of refractive indexes. My design style and ideas are continually evolving as I explore new concepts to create designs for beautiful facet gemstones.
All my cutting is done on an older Gemmasta GF4 faceting machine. I have modified it by fitting a 5000 cpr/20000 ppr optical encoder and digital display. The optical encoder gives me 0.018 degree steps that are highly accurate. I have been working with robotics and am currently developing and prototyping faceting machines for my personal use.
Please feel free to contact me with feedback, comments, questions or even future design requests. I hope you enjoy my designs.

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